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By Friends

Irish castle window

Emptiness of my heart

I never realized how precious air really is, until one day I couldn't breath.


I am gasping for one breath of fresh air.
My body aching, my skeleton strained, my mind faint.

So close, yet so far away.

I can see it, feel it, and almost taste it.

It is paradise.

My OPEN arms reaching out for it.
My soft mouth open to indulge it.
My eyes closed to enjoy it.
My excepting heart to caress it.

I can feel the air coming towards me as I begin to inhale it.

Just as the air begins to enter my inviting mouth,
It turns BLACK, cold and tasteless.

I panic and frantically try to grab it before it is gone forever.

Tears begin burning my flesh as my body quivers with pain and exhaustion.
My body in shock, for it can't stand the suffocation any longer.

My heart pounds HARDER and HARDER and HARDER.

What happened to the pleasant breeze that used to blow through the hollow walls of my heart?

That breath that filled the EMPTINESS of MY HEART

Did I try too hard to selfishly get that last breath of fresh air.
To GRAB it and pull it inside my heart and soul.
To satisfy every inch, every nerve, every muscle.
Did I want to satisfy my temporary need?

Or could it be I didn't try hard enough?
Maybe I need to inhale deeper, reach further, look beyond the surface of one single breath.

Do I really need that breath of fresh air or do I just want it?

The only thing I do know is that I can't last any longer without one BREATH of fresh air to fill



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