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Texas Guitar Rock

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The Freddie Everett Web-Site has been up dated
Please check out his new site!
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Freddie Homes

Freddie playing the guitar with his tongue
This the one and only Freddie Everett Band. Freddie is an experience many people dig. Prepare to dance when they start jammin. 
Southern rock and party blues style. 

Lots of Jimi, Stevie Ray and ZZ Top..

Check out their originals. They are cool party music, if its cruisin' down the highway or barbecue with friends. If you are feeling brave go see him jam. They play at many local club around Houston and special events for radio stations. He can play the guitar with anything you want and desire. His tongue, candles, cue balls and you name it. Full of surprises. 

Never a dull moment!

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