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Train in Colorado

"Did you Ever?"

Did you ever love someone,
And know he did not love you?
Did you ever feel like crying
and think what he would do?
Did you ever look into his eyes and say a prayer?
Did you ever look into his heart and wish you were there?
Did you ever see him when the lights were low,
Did you ever whisper " I love you" and never let him go?
Do not fall in love my friend.
You will find it does not pay,
It will bring heartbreak everyday.
Did you ever wonder where he is and wonder if its true?
One moment you are happy and the next your blue.
And when it starts you do not know why,
You worry day and night.
You see my friend, your loosing him.
It never turns out right.
Love is fine but it hurts too much,
The price you pay is much too high.
If the choice is life or death,
I think I rather die.
So when I say don't fall in love,
You will be hurt before its through.
Believe me my friend I ought to know,
Because I fell in love with you.


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